An experienced, enthusiastic, multicultural team of professionals working on two continents.

What we do

  • Briefing client
  • Conceptual drawings
  • Price estimation
  • 3D Rendering
  • Prototype
  • Production
  • Delivery

The professional 7Concepts team supports you on every development steps of your projects, from brief to delivery, with a proactive approach.

Who we are

7Concepts Group is a well-established international retail marketing agency that help marketers position their brands in point of sales, communicate with their your target audience, and increase sales and ROI through supplying cutting edge visual merchandising solutions, dynamic POSM and in-store decor.

7Concepts also proposes a large variety of digital solutions that feature the latest technological innovations to reach your clients.

To better serve international markets, 7Concepts recently expanded its commercial network by opening new offices in France, Italy, Spain and Romania where it has a developed extensive production parterships.

7Concepts also maintains a thriving production and sourcing office in China (Hong-Kong and Guangzhou) that’s always abreast of the latest innovations, and offers competitive pricing.

Our team

  • Michael Piette

    General Manager

  • Carole Piette

    Administration Manager

  • Sabaydin Helsoni

    Senior Key Account Manager

  • Romain Montagard

    Key Account Manager

  • Pierre Vilpoux

    Designer & Project Manager

  • Laurent Lacroix

    Senior Designer

  • Andrew Deng

    Key account manager